Robert B Isler - Dr.Sc.Natw. ETH Zurich, Switzerland - Consultant

Robert Isler has more than 20 years of road safety research experience at the University of Waikato, New Zealand. His work involves substantial output in applied human factors/performance and (road) safety research. He has published widely in international peer reviewed journals. This gave him a strong national and international reputation as a research leader.  He is directing his own road safety consultancy company.

As a result, Robert received large external grants from the New Zealand government agencies that allowed him to develop research laboratories and conduct large scale collaborative research projects, which impacted on the safety of child pedestrians, inexperienced and older drivers, and road and workers. Most of his projects have been initiated in response to specific community needs. Robert is the founding director of the Traffic and Road Safety Research Group (TARS) of the Waikato University in New Zealand where he initiated the driving simulator research programme.

One particular area of his research concerns the use of sophisticated eye-tracking equipment in order to detect and correct inappropriate eye scanning behaviour of novice drivers in simulated and real traffic situations. His research findings were practically applied in 2004 when he developed an interactive multimedia training product (CD-DRIVES), sponsored by ACC and NZTA. It was made freely available to all novice drivers in New Zealand (up to 60 000 annually). In 2004, the product received the Best Interactive Educational Software Award in NZ. It allows novice drivers to practice higher level driving skills such as visual search, hazard anticipation and risk management from the safety of their home. He developed a similar product for young drivers in the UK (A2om-mind).
In 2006, he conducted the large scale Driver Training research project (Frontal Lobe),
involving 36 teenage drivers over a two week period in Taupo, New Zealand. The results demonstrated the safety value of teaching higher level driving skills and received worldwide attention from the media and road safety professionals. He has given several keynote addresses at international conferences on Driver Behaviour and Training.